Hello! I'm Denis Gontcharov

I’m a data engineer who helps the aluminum rolling and recycling leader Novelis with bridging the technological gap between its legacy data systems and the modern cloud. I have a technical understanding of the data and the aluminum industry through my experience as a process engineer and my metallurgical engineering education.

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How to write a great data engineering role description

In the current job market there are more open positions than data engineers. In the competition for this scarce talent metallurgical companies are at a disadvantage because they are not readily associated with digital innovation. Nevertheless, the massive amount of...

New Job as a Data Engineer at Novelis

I’m happy to announce that I will be joining the digital team at Novelis as a data engineer for the European region. I feel this step aligns well with my objectives outlined in my previous post: being patient and taking...

I write a weekly newsletter about the challenges and opportunities of data, analytics and AI in the aluminum industry.