I work for Novelis in Germany and Switzerland. My main responsibility consists of building data pipelines that transfer large amounts of process data from the machines in our factories to the data lake in the cloud.

As a data engineer, I act as the bridge between the factory floor and the digital world. Besides the technological challenge, progress often requires the alignment of many departments: from process and automation engineers to data scientists and software engineers. Sometimes this means changing “the way things were always done”. This additional human component of change management is challenging but makes my work personally fulfilling.

Before joining Novelis, I worked as an independent contractor for two years doing data engineering work for clients ranging from early-stage startups to multinationals. The lion’s share of that time I worked on an EMEA-scale project for Johnson & Johnson. Before starting independently I briefly worked as a data science consultant at statworx in Frankfurt am Main.

I began my career as an intern at the aluminum smelter of TRIMET in Saint-Jean-de-Maurienne. After my internship, I was hired as a process engineer at their aluminum smelter in Essen, Germany. I worked for two years in the aluminum industry at TRIMET focusing on data analysis and process control.

I hold a masters Master’s of materials engineering with a focus on non-ferrous metals production and recycling from KU Leuven in Belgium and a Master’s of industrial engineering from Grenoble INP in France.

In my free time I like travelling and learning foreign languages. I mastered Russian, Dutch, English, French and German by living and working more than six years abroad in these countries.