Manufacturing and Metallurgy

I’ve always had an interest in manufacturing and metallurgy. To this day, it’s the niche in which I build my career. During my materials engineering studies at university I focused on non-ferrous metals production and recycling and co-authored an article on the fatigue behavior of titanium alloys. My first internship took place at a copper recycler. During my second internship I worked for an antimony-oxide producer. It was my third and final internship, where I worked in primary aluminum production by electrolysis, that ignited my passion for the aluminum industry. In my current role at Novelis I work in aluminum rolling and recycling.

Big Data and Industry 4.0

As an engineer, I focus on building and maintaining software systems that store and process large amounts of raw process from manufacturing plant equipment. I have multiple years of experience in extracting and analysing data from SCADA (L2) and PLC (L1) systems.

Open-source and the Cloud

I believe the proprietary software monoliths of the past decades will be replaced by open-source technologies hosted in the cloud. Over the years I have delivered solutions based on Spark on Databricks and Kafka on Confluent. I passed a number of Microsoft Azure cloud certifications and have written a number of blog posts on Azure and Google Cloud Platform. Configuring and administrating Linux systems is one of my passions outside of work.