I’m happy to announce that I will be joining the digital team at Novelis as a data engineer for the European region. I feel this step aligns well with my objectives outlined in my previous post: being patient and taking the time to focus on a narrow set of problems in a specific industry. I’m thrilled to rediscover the aluminum recycling and rolling process that I studied from a metallurgical angle at KU Leuven, from a new digital perspective and look forward to expanding my experience in this industry. 

Looking beyond my own career goals, I think it’s an exciting time to work with data in industry. The initial hype around analytics and AI crystallized into reasonable ambitions backed by concrete plans. Digital technologies have become more mature. With Novelis’ serious commitment to digitization, I believe we will continue to push the frontiers of process optimization by leveraging the massive amounts of data our plants generate around the world. I feel grateful to be able to play my part in Germany and Switzerland over the coming years.